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Making Pancakes

Put the ingredients in alphabetical order and the instructions in the right order to make the pancakes.

Picnic slices and other recipes

Recipes to try

An Eritrean Menu

Menu ideas from our students

Climate Crisis Quiz

Test your knowledge – do a quiz on climate change


A recipe for you to try and a quiz afterwards


There are hundreds of festivals around the world. To find your festival open the file.

Art worksheet – Gallery

Instructions on what to do with this worksheet. It can be as long or as short as you need without affecting the layout

The Boy And The Woman Pictures

Like This

Parts Of The Body

Or perhaps have a description of what it is

And then put instructions beneath in a separate paragraph like this, to make it obvious what is expected of the person opening it to complete the task

Health Problems and Treatments

A paragraph explaining what to do in a smaller font

Other Topics

Here are some earlier lessons You might want to check out topics you have yet to explore, or go back over things we did in a class.